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Trade Fair Services

You know that participating in tradeshows will help you grow your business in Iran, but you are not sure which one shoub be choosen. Is it advantageous to attend bigger, more general trade show or a smaller one that is more specific to your industry? Who should you try to meet wile exhibiting at the tradeshow?what extars are worth paying for and which one are not? We are

looking forward to provide you with all relevant information on expansion joints.

Planning for visits of high ranking economic-commercial delegations and coordination with relevant organizations for official welcoming reception

Arranging for appointments with trade fair participants for visiting delegations

Holding training seminars in order to improve efficiency and professionalism of the stand attendants

Planning for visits to plants in Iran and meeting with their managers

Planning and holding for business meetings at stands during trade fairs, at trade fair center halls and the halls outside the trade fair

Introducing competent accompanying interpreters during trade fairs and relevant seminars

Introducing reliable and creditable stand manufacturers

Introducing reliable and creditable companies for transportation of trade fair merchandise



Introducing applicants to airlines to use special discounts

Providing travelers Insurance policies issued

Introducing applicants to creditable travel agencies for hotel reservation at reasonable prices

Introduction letter by the most creditable trade fair tours

Introducing creditable foreign companies for any kind of formality services in trade fair cities

Introducing creditable travel agencies in different parts of Iran for rendering tourist services required

Providing international and Iran SIM cards

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